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In 2013 Lithuanian Art Museum has completed project "Installation of the Lithuanian Integral Museum Information System (LIMIS) in Lithuanian Museums" (hereafter LIMIS project), implemented 2010–2013 under the measure No. VP2-3.1-IVPK-04-V "Lithuanian Culture in the Information Society" as part of the third priority "Information Society for All" of the Economic Growth Operational Programme. The project was funded by the European Union European Regional Development Fund and the state budget of the Republic of Lithuania. The beneficiaries of the project were all Lithuanian national and state museums. Installed LIMIS system allows specialists to make automated stocktaking of those museums' holdings, to preserve, archive, and disseminate digital information of exhibits and other valuables and to export metadata to other databases, without being connected to the main LIMIS-C subsystem. Municipal, departmental and other Lithuanian museums can use LIMIS on the same terms. They can use alternative LIMIS-M subsystem, directly accessing LIMIS by web-browser, and make automated stocktaking, preserve, disseminate and export digital information to other databases. 

More about project in Lithuanian Art Museum website.