During the first period of project implementation (2010-2012), LIMIS is to be installed and made ready to use in 19 Lithuanian museums, i.e. 4 national and 15 state museums. As the project develops throughout the second stage, LIMIS will be introduced in 67 municipal museums, 22 departmental, private and other museums. It will narrow the digital gap determined by geographical and economical differences and will also stimulate the development of information society.

To effectively perform its functions, LIMIS was developed as a complex information system consisting of three main subsystems responsible for:

  1. automated stocktaking, collection, organisation, processing and providing of data (LIMIS-M and alternative LIMIS-M subsystem);
  2. preservation of data, making reserve copies and providing data to other information systems and portals (LIMIS-C subsystem);
  3. data presentation and spread (LIMIS-K subsystem or LIMIS portal).

Updated on 02/12/19