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Abbreviation LJM
Address Smiltynės pl. 3, Klaipėda, LT-93100, Klaipėdos m. sav., Lietuva
Phone No (8 46) 49 07 40; (8 46) 49 07 51
Fax No (8 46) 49 07 50
Type by theme gamta, istorija, technika
Institution code 19046469
VAT code LT 904646917
Bank account number LT 32 7300 0100 0233 0584

Information about the museum

With this resounding slogan, the Lithuanian Sea Museum invites visitors to visit the continuously enriched and carefully cherished exhibitions of marine nature and history, and to attend dolphin shows and various special occasions and events.

The Lithuanian Sea Museum is a republican museum, a state budget institution under the authority of the Ministry of Culture. Lithuanian Sea Museum is located in Kopgalis, in the northernmost point of the Curonian Spit, where the 98 km long peninsula of the Curonian Spit ends and the gates of Klaipėda Port open. In the second half of the 19th century, a defensive fortress in Kopgalis was built, which was almost destroyed during World War II. In 1979 it was rebuilt and adapted to the needs of the museum.

The museum collects, preserves, researches, restores and promotes museum treasures that reflect the maritime history of Lithuania and the diversity of marine nature. Multiple exposures use the latest technologies to convey information. This enables the development of multifunctional educational, scientific research and project activities.


Cultural and Educational Activity

In 1994, the Dolphinarium of the Lithuanian Sea Museum was opened – the only one of such kind on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. The Black Sea bottlenose dolphins, that belong to the class of mammals, the suborder of toothed whales, live there. The Dolphonarium invites visitors to attend entertaining educational shows and to get to know one of the most intellectual marine mammals. Since 2001, the dolphin assisted therapy is being offered in the Dolphinarium of the Lithuanian Sea Museum. It is a very special project involving interaction of dolphins and children facing various health problems.