State Institutions

President of the Republic of Lithuania -

Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania -

Government of the Republic of Lithuania  -

Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania -

Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania -

Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture -

Lithuanian Archives Department under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania -

Directorate for the Commemoration of the Millennium of Lithuania -

State Commission for Cultural Heritage -

Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO -

Vilnius Old Town Renewal Agency -

State Commission of the Lithuanian Language -

State Language Inspection -


Culture, Education

EU Programme "Culture 2007" -

Lithuanian Culture Guide -

Virtual Exhibition of a Millennium Lithuanian Cultural Heritage -

Lithuanian Art Bank -

Art Online -

Royal Palace Restoration Foundation -

Lithuanian Folk Artists' Union -

The First Lithuanian Book -

Lithuanian Art Museum department – the Lithuanian Museums' Centre for Information, Digitisation and LIMIS -

Museums of Lithaunia -

Lithuanian Documentary Movies in the Internet -

Digital Culture Heritage fot Lithuania and Europe -

Digital Archive Information System -



Opien Society Fund Lithuania -

Culture Support Foundation -

Press, Radio and Television Support Foundation -



Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania -

The Wroblewski of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences -

Lithuanian Technical Library -

Lithuanian Medical Library -

Lithuanian Agricultural Library -

Lithuanian Library for the Blind -

Vilnius University Library -

Libraries for Innovation -

Electronic Catalogue of the Lithuanian Art Museum's Library -


Culture, Education, and Science Centres

Centre for the Lithuanian Cultural Heritage -

Lithuanian Folk Culture Centre -

Theatre and Cinema Information and Education Centre -

French Institute in Lithuania -

Language and Culture Institute -



Weekly newspaper Literatūra ir menas published by the Lithuanian Writers' Union  -

Vilnius cultural weekly 7 meno dienos -

Šiaurės Atėnai -

Akiračiai -

Musical Monthly Muzikos barai  -

Monthly magazine for religion, culture and social life Naujasis židinys – Aidai -

Lithuanian Art Review Dailė -

Historical weekly Voruta -


Around the World

International Council of Museums (ICOM) -

ICOM Calendar -

Virtual Library Museums pages -

Museums around the World  -

Museum Directories  -

Museums of the World -

Worldwide Portal to Museums and Cultural Heritage -

Art Museum Network -

European Art Museum Network -

National Museums Associations -

Regional Museums Associations and International Museums Specialized Associations -

Muziejininkystės studijos, muziejininkų rengimo centrai -

European Heritage Network -

ICOMOS – International Council on Monuments and Sites -

ICCROM – International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property -

UNESCO – United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture -

Treaty Office of the Council of Europe -

Museum Statistics -

CIDOC International Committee for Documentation -

Object ID – An International Standard for Describing Art -

Stolen Works of Art -

Museum Security Network -

EMII - Europos muziejų informacijos institutas -

NEMO – Network of European Museum Organizations -

European Museum Forum -


World Federation of Friend of Museums -

Resources on Iraqi Museum Collections -

Discussion Lists, Distribution Lists, Forums, Blogs -

European Cultural Foundation -

Open Society Institute and Soros Foundation Network -

World Cultural Foundation -

Art Gallery – Worldwide -


Resolutions adopted by ICOM's General Conferences 1946–2004 -

Museums in Latvia -

Museums in Estonia -

Museums in Italy -,

Museums in Finnland -,

Finnish Museums Association -

Museums in United Kingdom -

Discovering UK collections -

Museums Association (United Kingdom) -

Museums in Switzerland -

Virtual Museum of Canada -

The Virtual Smithsonian (JAV) -

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