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    Coin treasures in Utena Local Lore Museum

    Coin treasure – few or many coins hidden in times of imminent danger. Utena Local Lore Museum has nine medieval-early modern period treasures and their parts.

    Labanoras treasure
    Labanoras (Švenčionys district) treasure was found in separate parts between 1965 and 1992. It consists of 14th-15th century Prague groschens and denarius of Casimir IV Jagiellon. In 1987 Utena Local Lore Museum received 81 coins of this treasure. Labanoras treasure is dated 15th century 4th quarter.

    Unknown location treasure
    In 1995 Utena Local Lore Museum acquired 19 16th century second half-17th century silver coins. This is a treasure or part of it. This treasure could have been hidden around year 1630.

    Tauragnai treasure
    Tauragnai (Utena district) treasure was found in 1987 while planting potatoes. Utena Local Lore Museum received 1703 coins and two iron ploughshares. Tauragnai treasure was hidden in year 1651.

    Vosgėliai I treasure
    In 1956 Vosgėliai (Utena district) village villagers, while sowing, found a clay pot with coins hidden under a flat stone. Utena Local Lore Museum received 1247 coins. The treasure dates back to 1654.

    Vosgėliai II treasure
    In 1930 in Vosgėliai (Utena district) village, significant coin treasure was found while cutting rye harvest. In 1956 82 coins were transferred to Utena Local Lore Museum. The treasure, according to its composition, is dated 1656.

    Vosgėliai III treasure
    Treasure was found in 1986 in territory of community gardens of Vosgėliai (Utena district) village. Between 1987-1988 Utena Local Lore Museum received 185 coins. According to its composition the treasure is dated 1660.

    Alanta treasure
    In 1957 while working the ground by Alanda (Alanda eldership, Molėtų district) manor was found a treasure of unknown composition and size. In 1958 Utena Local Lore Museum received 2 coins from 17th century second half. Alanta treasure could have been hidden in the middle of 17th century.

    Griūtys Treasure
    In 1931 Griūtys (Utena district) village inhabitant tilled out a pot with copper shillings of John II Casimir Vasa. In 1972 and 1974 Utena Local Lore Museum received 22 coins from this treasure. Griūtys treasure was hidden around 1666.

    Musteikiai treasure
    In 1971 inhabitant of Musteikiai (Utena district) village tilled out a copper tobacco box with 8 Spanish Netherlands (later on the United Provinces) silver coins. Musteikiai treasure is dated 1707.

    Prepared by Dalius Ribokas, Utena Local Lore Museum.
    Translated by Simonas Obcarskas, Utena Local Lore Museum.

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