• Esperanto kalba ir jos istorija Biržuose

    Esperanto language and its usage in Birzai

    In the virtual exhibition “Esperanto Language and Its History in Biržai” you will get acquainted with the history of the Esperanto language and people from Biržai region who have popularized Esperanto not only in Lithuania. You will find some information about Liudas Alseika and the famous traveller and antanas Poška, gymnasium students from Biržai and their teachers: Viktoras Januškevičius, Jurgis Kutra, Stasys Paliulis and others. You will see a collection of dictionaries of the Esperanto language published in various years, textbooks by Lithuanian and foreign authors, periodicals “Litovastelo” (“Lithuanian Star”), and some calendars. You will be able to examine some photographs, greetings, letters and manuscripts in Esperanto from the interwar period.

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