• XIX–XX a. I p. buitinė keramika iš Žemaičių muziejaus „Alka“ rinkinio

    Domestic Ceramics from the Collections of the Samogitian Museum "Alka"

    The 19th Century – the First Half of the 20th Century Domestic Ceramics from the Collections of the Samogitian Museum "Alka"

    The Samogitian Museum "Alka" has rich collection of domestic ceramic articles, which includes modelled, thrown, glazed, and unglazed jugs, bottles, earthenware pots, plates, vases for flowers, candleholders, and home stoups (so called "lakunkas"). There are also pots with gritty insides, coated with fine gravel or small pebbles, designed for poppy or hemp seed crushing.

    Many earthenware pots of the collection are wrapped inside braided birch bark, splices of spruce roots, ropes, or metal wires. If vessel cracked it was not frown out straight away; instead it was repaired and secured. Grain, flour, and other food products were kept inside large ceramic container, while milk, wine, kerosene, and grease were kept in jugs, drum-like pots, or earthenware jars.

    Jugs, earthenware pots, cups, and small vases were decorated by incised or painted, geometric or vegetal ornaments, models.

    Most valuable of abovementioned exhibits were acquired from the collection of Juzefas Perkovskis (1896-1940), ethnographer, researcher of Samogitian folk art. These articles were gathered from various places of Samogitia region: Telšiai, Akmenė, Skuodas, Plungė, Kelmė, and Šilalė districts.

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