• Count Juozapas Tiškevičius (1830-1891)

      Count Juozapas Tiškevičius (1830-1891)

      The virtual exhibition presents photographs made around 1860-1916 by a bunch of photographers from Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Germany, France, etc. They capture one of the most influential and richest noblemen of the 19th century Lithuania, a military figure of the Russian Empire, a landlord of the manors in Kretinga, Lentvaris, Užutrakis, and Palanga, an owner of factories and palaces in Vilnius, as well as a patron, philanthropist, and collector Count Juozapas Tiškevičius (1830-1891) along with his family. For many years from 1855 he resided in Lentvaris whereas in 1875 moved to Kretinga where he set up a representational residence with the biggest private Winter Garden in Europe, the first water-power plant in Lithuania (1878), and the telephone line (1882). The town of Palanga, where the family spent their summers, was officially announced a resort. In 1861 the count married Sofija Horvataitė (~1839-1919) who gave birth to 12 children of whom only 8 survived – sons Aleksandras (1864-1945), Vladislovas (1865-1936), Antanas (1866-1919), Juozapas (1868-1917), and Feliksas (1869-1933), and daughters Marija (1871-1943), Sofija (1874-1958) and Elena Klotilda (1876-1953). The photographs were obtained from Kretinga Manor that was nationalized in 1940.

Objects of the exhibition

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