• Non-Royal Fate of Karaliai Family

      Non-Royal Fate of Karaliai Family

      “With the Revival came out everything that was hidden in me. It opened up the possibility of all the things I felt to be embodied in the works”, said the teacher from Biržai Aldona Genovaitė Karaliūtė-Černiauskienė, the daughter of a political prisoner.

      Photos of the stand reveal the stories of Aldona Genovaitė Karaliūtė-Černiauskienė (1926–2014), her family, relatives, friends and all who were oppressed by the Soviet regime. Some of them died or were deported from Lithuania, others, in order to avoid repressions, moved to live abroad, and the rest who stayed experienced a spiritual exile.

      When the Revival began, Aldona actively joined the political, social and cultural movements. For years she has accumulated and preserved up to this day the archives of her parents, husband and a personal archive which contains valuable information about their work and social life.

      Aldona Genovaitė Karaliūtė-Černiauskienė was born on 27th June 1926 in Biržai. Father Anupras Karalius died in a Russian camp in 1942. Her brother, who was then a student, for participation in underground activities was arrested and imprisoned in 1946. Aldona and her mother had faced the Soviet regime and its cruelty – they lost father and husband, brother/child was deported.

      Aldona graduated Biržai High school, Kaunas Teachers’ seminaries, and Šiauliai Teachers’ institute and acquired qualification of Lithuanian language teacher. She worked as a teacher for 55 years: at first in Butniūnai Secondary School and then in Biržai II Secondary School (the current "Aušros" School).
      A. G. Černiauskienė is remembered as a talented teacher, the patriot of Biržai region, an energetic public figure, enthusiast of a stage; she represented Biržai region in various national events. She worked in the initiative group of Biržai branch of the Lithuanian Union of Political Prisoners and Deportees, she was a head of Historical memory section, the initiator of choir “Echoes of Exile”, in 1990-1995 deputy of Biržai city council, member of the Green Movement, member of the Reform Movement of Lithuania, member of the disabled community “Viltis”, head of athenaeum “Versmė”. She wrote the poem which later became the anthem of Biržai.

      She has done a lot for commemorating historical memory in Biržai Region: gathered memoirs, wrote articles, drew up lists of the victims of the genocide, and organized the construction of monuments for the victims of genocide and participants of resistance. Aldona has contributed the establishment of Biržai Gymnasium History Museum; she was an active participant in various events.

      In 2000, for merits A. G. Černiauskienė awarded the medal of the Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas Order of the first degree, in 1998 second degree sign “For Merits to Lithuania” of Lithuanian Union of Political Prisoners and Deportees, in 1979, badge of arts amateur, in 2012, she became Luminary of the year of Biržai Region.

      A. G. Černiauskienė perpetuated the memory of her father Anupras Karalius with a heart-shaped stone and inscription in his homestead.
      For the opportunity to introduce the archives in public Biržai Region Museum "Sėla" is grateful for Aldona’s children: daughter Audronė Žilinskienė and Mindaugas Černiauskas who chose the path of a monk.

      The information prepared by Biržai Region Museum “Sėla” museologist Snieguolė Kubiliūtė

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