• The Fate of Two Families from Samogitia. 1941

      The Fate of Two Families from Samogitia. 1941

      This virtual exhibition tells us the story of the crucial year of 1941 when in Telšiai Region occurred Rainiai slaughter and the Holocaust stormed in Lithuania. It contains information about a farmer from Samogitia, guardians of Christian and humanistic values, rescuers of Jews Juozas and Bronislava Straupiai and their relatives, Lithuanian patriots Boleslavas and Emilija Korzai. Museum received photos for the exhibition from the personal archives of Birutė Jereminienė, the daughter of J. and B. Straupiai.

      Creation of the modern state of Lithuania significantly contributed many of its citizens. Some became state signatories, others defended and fought for its independence, and some created and strengthened the state with honest everyday work or active participation in social life. Among them are two mentioned Samogitian families. In 1941, all of them witnessed the two most terrible ideologies of the 20th c. One of the families has become a victim of the Soviet regime, the other rescued victims condemned to death by Nazi.

      Information prepared by Julius Kanarskas

Objects of the exhibition

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