• From the collections of the Samogitian museum "Alka": the first exhibits

      From the collections of the Samogitian museum "Alka": the first exhibits

      The idea of having a museum in Telšiai started to develop on the 9 th of December, 1923. In the letter of personell working in the education area in Telšiai to the Primary education department of the Education ministry of Lithuania it was stated: „We found it necessary to establish a museum of Telšiai as quickly as possible, as the primary teachers and other people possess a lot of things that are good and valuable for the museum, which in the opposite case might perish, which would be a big loss to the country of our own“. Approximately 400 exhibits were collected in the local lore corner, which was established at the Telšiai Teachers‘ Seminary by the efforts of teacher J. Gedminas. Samogitian museum „Alka“ was officially established on the 16 th of February, 1932, and has been functioning already for 85 years. Now there are more than 47 thousand exhibits in the collections of the museum. In this virtual exhibition, we present various exhibits that were among the first ones to find their way to the different collections of the museum.

      The exhibition was prepared in the framework of the project „Centennial of Lithuania in the exhibits of Lithuanian museums”, which is supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania. The project is dedicated to commemorate and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Restoration of the Lithuanian state.

Objects of the exhibition

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