• Publishings of Birzai printing house 1913–1940

      Publishings of Birzai printing house 1913–1940

      When Lithuania regained independence it was very important to understand in what way to promote lithuanian language? For this purpose individual educational institutions were built encouraging patriotism.

      One of the most important aspects increasing nationality is the establishment of printing houses in which were printed publications on scientific, politics, cultural and other topics which were actual at that time. Saliamonas Banaitis was one of the first people establishing printing houses, when the ban of printing was over in Lithuania. By his iniciative in 1905 years was established the first printing house in Kaunas which were opened till 1918 years. This printing house was the first in Kaunas in which were printed periodicals and books in lithuanian language.

      Kostas Snarskis brother John and Otilija Stuinaite which was member of ''Radvila'' society worked in Birzai printing house in interwar period.

      When Lithuania regained independence establishment of printing houses became quicker. State printing house was established in Kaunas 1918 years. This printing house was renamed to ''Spindulys'' in 1928 years.

      Printing house in Birzai was established by famous people of Birzai land. This printing house proceeded till 1994.

      Till regaining independence in Birzai were printed books accociated with religion. In that printing house were pinte poetry Jonas Dagilis hymns. Birzai printing house coopeated with publich authorities. Birzai ''Saule'' gimnazium personal identity cards, textbooks, graduation certificates were printed Birzai. Brochures written by Jonas Sepetys, Povilas Jakubenas and Unrichas Cvinglis were also printed in Birzai printing house. Advocat, poetry, tennis enthusiast Pranas Lembertas worked in Birzaiin interwar period. His books were printed in Birzai. Also in that printing house were printed newspapers, programmsand calendars.

      In virtual exhibition is presented publishings printed in Birzai from 1913 till 1940 years. This exhibition prepared to commemorate the 100 years anniversary of Lithuania and 90 years anniversary of Birzai museum.

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