• Exhibition of the Folk Artist Elena Ruzgiene

      Exhibition of the Folk Artist Elena Ruzgiene

      Folk artist Elena Ruzgienė was born in 1921 in Šakiai district, Griškabūdis. She started her creative activity in 1977, after reaching her retirement. The author painted over a 1000 pictures. Since 1988 E. Ruzgienė has been organizing exhibitions of her works and participating in district and republican folk art exhibitions. The author is rated by her numerous awards:

      In 1998 and 2002 received “Aitvaras” nomination, which is awarded to the most distinguished people of Šakiai district;
      In 2008 winner of the contest of Lithuania Minor's artist Lidija Meškaitytė;
      In 2009 winner of the republican competition of the folk art exhibition "Golden Wreath";
      In 2011 for the fostering of folk art traditions and the promotion of the name of Šakiai, not only in the district but also far beyond, E. Ruzgienė was given the name of Šakiai honorary citizen;
      In 2015 winner of the Adomas Varna name award in the republican folk art paintings exhibition and competition in Joniškis.

      There are currently seven paintings by E. Ruzgienė at the Zanavykai Museum funds. Five of them are the winners of the republican exhibition “Golden Wreath”.

Objects of the exhibition

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