• Collection of chapirograffed newspapers in Samogitian museum „Alka“

      Collection of chapirograffed newspapers in Samogitian museum „Alka“

      The museum exhibits of chapiragraffed prints pays attention for first Independent Lithuania newspapers collection (1919-1924). The printing works published by various organizations and high schools. These small format books, newspapers were the living mirror expression of the literary life, schools and organizations, at the time. The publications are usually handwritten, some typewritten and illustrated by own drawings of the authors.

      Chapirograffed or hectograph is a multiplication device for a text and illustration, which a text or an illustration of a specific ink on a paper is pressed on a surface and a certain color absorbing material (gelatin, glycerin and water jelly) of the surface by pressing the clean sheets of paper. Afterwards, a copy is made of the receipt (up to 100 issues). The remaining 25 publications are vulnerable and some texts as well as their illustrations are fading over time.

      This virtual exhibition presents the collection of two ethnographers Konstantinas Bružas (1912-2005) and Juozas Mickevičius (1900-1984) who donated these chapirograffed copies to the Samogitian museum „Alka“. Five of these publications 1923-1924 were issued by the marksman organization in Telšiai, it was newspapers „Telšių žinios“ and „Klasės draugas“ issued in 1921, No 2-5 by Telšiai Gymnasium. In addition, there was one publication of “Šatrijos raganos” and „Šešios žaros“, issued by the literary amateur authors (19-20th c.). Furthermore, there were Telšiai Gymanasium newspapers „Džiugo ainis“ and „Alksnyno lepšis“, besides there were publications from gymnasiums of Plungė, Tauragė, Mažeikiai and Alytus. The copy of this newspaper „Tėvynės vaduotojas“, published in 1920s by the third infantry D.L.K Vytautas.

      The authors of most of these editors and writers and queues are unknown, signed by aliases. The price of newspapers ranged from 3 to 10 golds, issued from a few copies to 100 pieces. Forasmuch as, the biggest value of these publications, after reading their content, is the incredible love of the newly born people of the Independent Lithuania, who is seeking their contribution for work and science of development of their country.

      Seeing that, we kindly invite you to visit the Samogitian Museum "Alka" website to see a virtual exhibition and get acquainted more with the content of these expensive publications.

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