• Foreign Fine Art in XVI-XVIII Centuries

        Foreign Fine Art in XVI-XVIII Centuries

      This virtual exhibition is based on the exposition "Treasury of the Fine Arts of the XVI–XVIII Centuries" from the Mykolas Žilinskas Art Gallery – one of the subdivisions of the Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis National Museum of Art. Here one can get acquainted with the pieces of fine art of Italian, French, Flemish and Dutch painters. Most of them were brought to the museum from the old art collections, which had decorated the manors of Dukes of the Oginskì family, Counts of the Tyszkiewicz family, Barons von der Ropp and other famous Lithuanian families. They are tellingly complemented by the pieces of art donated by collector and art patron Mykolas Žilinskas.

Objects of the exhibition

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