• Bicycle and Lithuania

        Bicycle and Lithuania

      The exposition at the Bicycle Museum "Bicycle and Lithuania" introduces the visitors to the history of the bicycle and its evolution up to the present day. The exposition contains the first Lithuanian home-made bicycles made of wood and iron, the bicycles manufactured in Germany, England and other countries, which used to be the most popular in Lithuania up to the Second World War, as well as contemporary bicycles, velomobiles and their accessories.
      The Bicycle Museum has been founded in 1980 and has been established at Šiauliai Bicycle and Motor Factory "Vairas" for five years. Later the museum has been moved to the current premises at Vilniaus street, the house marked with the number 140. In 1993, with a changed economic situation at the "Vairas" company, seeking to preserve the Bicycle Museum, it has been transferred to Šiauliai "Aušros" museum and has become its subdivision. The museum not only collects, preserves and exhibits bicycles, but also organizes various events. A bicycle is presented here not only as one of the oldest and most popular means of transport, but also as the means of the worldwide popular cycling sports. More about this topic - at the exposition "Bicycle Sports in Lithuania
      The exposition on the second floor of the museum is arranged according to themes. Here the most attention is given not only to the bicycles, but also to the bicyclists, whose achievements glorify the name of Lithuania around the world. A separate part of the exposition is dedicated to one of the most famous Lithuanian bicycle travelers Liudas Alseika. He is the organizer and the leader of the first intercontinental bicycle trip "Klaipėda-Vladivostok", which took place in 1960.
      The only bicycle museum in Lithuania is a subdivision of Šiauliai "Aušros" museum.

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