• History of Lithuanian Aviation and Fire and Rescue Service

        History of Lithuanian Aviation and Fire and Rescue Service

      Lithuanian Aviation Museum was established in 1990 by the aviators’ efforts in the premises of the historical Kaunas Steponas Darius and Stasys Girėnas Airport passenger terminal. The mission of the museum is to present the history and heritage of Lithuanian aviation to the society, especially to the youth. In 1991 the publishing-house of the museum “Plieno sparnai” (“Steel Wings”) was established. It publishes the museum chronicle of the same name, memoir books and monographs. Since 1997 the collection of exhibits of Lithuanian Fire and Rescue Service history was started as well. The museum is the coordination centre of the aviation history research in Lithuania.

      The permanent museum exposition acquaints visitors with the development of Lithuanian aviation since its beginning till nowadays, introduces to the work and achievements of Lithuanian airmen, aircraft and other aviation machines used in Lithuania. Paintings, photographs, models of various aircraft and their originals, Fire and Rescue Service equipment and rescuer machines are exhibited here.

      In the educational programs of the museum one can try piloting virtual aircraft, flying a model of a helicopter or learning how to use a fire-extinguisher.

Objects of the exhibition

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