• Birzai castle site in interwar period

      Birzai castle site in interwar period

      Birzai city was reigned by Radziwill. This family built castle in 1589. Sweds destroyed castle and Birzai castle in 1704. Birzai city reborned only in nineteenth century when Tiskeviciai managed Birzai.
      Fruit trees in Birzai castle site were planted in period between the end of XIX and the beginning of XX centuries. When Lithuania regained independence Birzai castle site became attractive for locals and other people for many events which took place in Birzai castle place. Two tennis courts were made in interwar period. Two towers on both sides of bridge leading to Birzai castle ruins were built 1927 in which were written records testify to fact what Birzai has received Magdeburg rights. Estrada in which took place concerts was built in 1928 years mentioning 10 years anniversary of Lithuania independence.
      Many events in Birzai castle site took place in 1930 mentioning one of the most famous person in Lithuania , grand duke of Lithuania Vytautas 500 death anniversary. All people whose names were Vytautas were invited to Birzai castle. In this year Birzai reached Vytautas portrait which travelled across Lithuania cities. Monument for Jonusas Radvila was built in 1931 years. From 1938 years in Birzai castle site lived florist Pranas Ciudaras with his family who took care of plants.
      In this exhibition are presented photos made in interwar period by famous Birzai photographer Petras Loceris. The part of his heritage is presented in virtual exhibition called “Birzai castle site in interwar period.“

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