• Cultural representatives in Antanas Olbutas medals

      Cultural representatives in Antanas Olbutas medals

      Medal art in Lithuania has strong roots. In Medal, the function of meaning of the Lithuanian narrative became a leitmotif of various historical volumes that embraced the entire history of the country, and went hand in hand with the national affairs of that day both during the Soviet occupation and after Lithuania regained its independence. The medal became the most important date, notion, symbol of characters, a lithuanian spreader, who fits in the palm of your hand, but without losing its persistent value and conveying the message sent from generation to generation. The importance of the identity of this art genre is already evident in the seventies and eighties. The art critic Danutė Zovienė said: "When the history of Lithuania, its prominent personalities were taboo, in medals, the artist spoke about the heroes of Lithuania in a symbolic way and thus preserved the memory of the nation in a certain way."

      There are a lot of medalists in Lithuania, but the biggest impetus for the promotion of this arts branch was given by the artist and art critic Antanas Olbutas.

      Antano Olbuto's biography facts:

      Born in 1943 Vilkija, Kaunas region.

      1950-1959 studied at Seredžius (Jurbarkas district) secondary school.

      1961-1968 studied at Telšiai and Kaunas S. Žukas Applied Art Techniques.

      1970-1974 studied at the Vilnius Art Institute (present Vilnius Art Academy).

      1968-1969 Worked as a folk artist at the "Dailė" Kaunas Combiners.

      1974-1976 He worked as a senior lecturer at the LSSR Higher and Special Secondary School. methodologist.

      1978-1982 LSSR KM art expert.

      1984-1986 - the LSSR State Philharmonic.

      Since 1991 Worked as the Director of the Vilnius Art Gallery of the Lithuanian Artists' Union.

      The most famous works by Antanas Olbutas:

      • Medals: Kristijonas Donelaitis, Paulius Galaunė, Vytautas Mačernis, Šatrijos Ragana, Maironis and others.
      • Exilibri: "E.Gudavicius", "R.Dichavicius", "M.Jučas", "Zalgiris - 580" and others.
      • Watercolor Cycles: "Woman", "Vilnius Old Town", "Landscapes" and others.

      The medalist has participated in the exhibitions in Lithuania, Russia, Italy, Belgium, Australia, France and other countries.

      Rewards and achievements: I, II, III, IV, V or and III and IV Baltic medal exhibitions, Medal P.Galaunė competition, winner of competition "Vilnius -670", exlibris competitions "Skaudvilė-92", "Žalgiris-580", "Juozas Zikaras", "Gediminas-650", "Stasys Ušinskas" winner.

      The virtual exhibition: "Cultural representatives in Antanas Olbutas medals" consists of 20 exhibits that include Alfonsas Bukontas, Kristijonas Donelaitis, Paulius Galaunė, Ciprijonas Nezabitauskas-Zabitis, Simonas Stanevičius, Astrid Rietz, Oscars Milašius, Vitas Valatka, Vytautas Bložė.

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