• Selfie. Works by Alfonso Zoko

      Selfie. Works by Alfonso Zoko

      Folk artist and photographer Alfonsas Zokas was born in 1929. In the family of craftsmen from the Kriaučėnai village in the Slavikai district of Šakiai district. During the Soviet period, he worked in the then militia and studied part-time at the Krupsskaya Folk University in Moscow. In his spare time he was interested in art, painting, drawing, wood carving and photography himself. Since 1968 In 1976 he was a member of the Folk Artists' Union. became a member of Lithuanian Union of Photographers. Several exhibitions of his paintings and photographs were held in Šakiai district.

      A. Zok was an atypical personality. Many remember him as a loner and a freak who had a distinctive appearance, so easily recognizable, but not completely known to anyone. He experimented with photography, making cameras himself, and taking pictures.
      Many of Zok's photographs capture images of the native land and moments of everyday life. In some he is familiar with his works, near monuments, buildings and important places in Šakiai district. There are photos where we see the photographer along with his friends and friends. Many of these photos are very reminiscent of modern selfies. A. Zokas carefully described the photographs as if he had spoken in modern fiction. These descriptions briefly describe the vocabulary in everyday life, list the objects captured, and describe the mood of the captured image.

      A. Zok died in 2008.

      Digital images of 18 of his photographs and two of his cameras (Dream 75 and Akiratis) have been selected for this virtual exhibition.

      Zanavykai Museum Information.

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