• Archeological findings at the Perkūnas House

      Archeological findings at the Perkūnas House

      In a virtual exhibition presents valuable archeological findings found by archeologist M. Bertašius during detailed archeological excavations in 2012 near the western façade of the Perkūnas House. The purpose of this excavation was to determine the condition of the layer, to investigate the cultural layer, to determine the time of its formation, to register the objects of archaeological value and the remains of structures, and to collect special archaeological findings.

      The second half of the 15th century was the time when Kaunas flourished. A quiet political situation and the increasing demand for forest products and grains in Western markets encouraged the rapid expansion of trade. Therefore, Kaunas, located at the crossroads of the main Lithuanian land and water roads, became the most important transit trade center. Harbours were established on the banks of the Nemunas and the Rivers, and near them, there were merchants' quarters with warehouses, shops, taverns, and inns.

      Therefore, a conclusion can be made that the so-called Perkūnas House was built at the end of the 15th century. The builder of the Perkūnas House was well acquainted with the Gothic tradition typical of the territories near the sea-cost and its compositional arrangements. However, having the general idea of composition, he relied creatively and originally on the rich forms of the late Gothic.

      The findings in the formed and natural cultural layers are typical of the end of the 15th century and the first half of the 16th century. These findings also date the construction of the Perkūnas House to a similar period. The fragments of tiles, dishes, and household articles reveal the typical lifestyle of a wealthy citizen, a merchant.

      A horseshoe brooch typical of the 10th-11th centuries found in the top layer signifies a constant development and change of the city.

      The exhibition has been prepared by Eglė Jesulaitytė, the custodian of the archeological collection of the Kaunas City Museum

Objects of the exhibition

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