• Boulders of Lithuania

      Boulders of Lithuania

      Lithuania is a typical region of continental glaciations characterised by the terrain formed by the ice and melt water as well as by the diverse composition of soil and boulders that are commonly referred to the stones. They are composed of the igneous rocks that formed in Scandinavia and Finland hundreds of millions or even billions of years ago and appeared in our country relatively recently from the geological point of view – a million years ago, during the Pleistocene Epoch of the Quaternary Period. It has been established that the oldest rock of Lithuanian is one billion and eight hundred million years old. The boulders brought by the glaciers to our land are of various sizes. They constitute more than fifty kinds of rocks differing in their mineral composition and structure. Geologist Rimvydas Tarvydas distinguishes 43 kinds of boulders characteristic to Lithuania.

      This virtual exhibition presents boulders from the Lithuanian Museum of Geology grouped by their petrograhic composition. Exhibits from 1 to 12 are igneous rocks, from 13 to 15 – sedimentary rocks, from 16 to 22 – metamorphic rocks, from 23 to 24 – metasomatic rocks, and from 25 to 30 – ultrametagenetic rocks.

      Lithuanian Museum of Geology dates back to 1980, when the drill-core storage facility and museum expositions were opened here. Until 1989, the drill-core storage facility functioned as a separate unit of the Institute of Geology, whereas in 1992 it was combined with the exposition of Vilnius. In 2000, the drill-core storage facility of Vievis was conferred the status of an independent institution – the Lithuanian Museum of Geology. The museum’s collection is comprised of the core drilled from over 1,100 bore-wells since 1953 and stored in the storage facility. Core is a column of a cylinder-shaped rock obtained by drilling in a column-drilling method. It serves as a geological chronicle of the place of drilling and as the main source of the geological information. The following expositions are also displayed in the museum’s building: the exposition of polished boulders, the exposition of the minerals of Lithuania, the memorial exposition of Professor Juozas Dalinkevičius, the paleontological exposition of Alfonsas Žukelis and the exposition of the currently forming rocks.

Objects of the exhibition

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